Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions - Parishinfo

It is natural to have many concerns before choosing a system like this. We answer the concerns and questions that we gathered from existing as well as intending users over the last many years.

What is Parishinfo?

Parishinfo is and ERP grade end-end to Church Management software for Catholic Churches. It is tailor made for the three main Roman Catholic denominations of Latin, Syro Malabar and Syro Malankara Churches and its subsidiaries. It enables seamless integration of Diocese, Parishes, Foranes/Deaneries, Priests, Families, Members, Congregations, Institutions, Religious, Seminarians, Staff and Volunteers. The program is designed to implement uniform system across the diocese, minimises paper work, quicker communication and automatic data processing.

The focus is to provide the benefits of technology that makes church life and Parish ministry more relevant and appealing to the present and next generations.

What about the team and Company?

Parishinfo is developed by a team of 12 ardent Catholics who have excelled in their IT profession and currently engaged in their own profession. The team began its work in 2006 along with a consultation team of over 100 priests, nuns and laity engaged in church ministry.

The aim is to provide an affordable technology platform to the church to establish a last mile connectivity with its members as well as bring the benefits of technology in its management and growth

What about the technology?

Parishinfo is a cloud based software system. The software and mobile app runs from remote server. There are no local installations or maintenance required. The system is managed and controlled using any internet connected device.

Cloud computing offers unparallel benefits. This is where the technology is heading. It is an imperative - not a choice!

How safe is storing data online?

Provided you take care of your credentials (e.g. your password), only you can access those files. They’re sitting on hard drives on machines in remote, physically secure data centers. Your connections to access that data are secured so that others can’t access it.

Cloud computing is about connectivity. If connectivity is key, then Cloud Computing is the imperative - not a choice!

Who control the server and software?

The software, mobile app and its management and control rest with the Diocese Admin. Admin can allow control to the technical team for updates and upgrades.