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Theosys - In a world full of promises, we believe in delivering!

Theosys Infotech Pvt Ltd., is a registered company in India. It is engaged in Software Development and Remote Server Hosting since 1999. It has presence in US, India and other Asian countries. We develop and implement mass based communication applications in association since 1999. We are committed to enhance the product features and technology to connect and communicate with catholic community in the ever changing communication scenario.

Our Vision: The idea of a modern church management software took shape in 2006 when online systems were just about beginning. Parishinfo took its present shape after intense research and interactions with all Catholic denominations in India. At the outset, we would like to put on record our immense gratitude to the Catholic Mediatech Foundation and all the Priests and Dignitaries of various Catholic Dioceses across India for their inputs and support.

Our Services: Parishinfo develops software for catholic church, online parish software and online diocese software. It is an advanced web based online church software system integrated with a mobile app for networking the entire Diocese. The system is designed for step-by-step implementation either beginning with a parish to co-parishes and then to Diocese or begin with the diocese and implement it in parishes as required. The software is primarily designed for the Roman Catholic denominations of Latin, Syro Malabar and Malankara churches.

Parishinfo Team: The team consists of 12 practicing Catholic IT professionals who are engaged in their own professions/business. Many of them are working with the top IT giants who actually handles complex IT systems of top tech giants.

Why Parishinfo? 2006 was a time when the print media had given way to electronic media and digital media started showing its prowess. The team does not want the church to miss the digital media revolution. This was also a period when many dioceses implemented offline software but eventually failed like any other offline systems of this nature. Online was the only option but it required huge investments and expertise. No diocese could single handedly make such a huge investment nor could reliably engage developers on a long term basis to develop and maintain such a complex system. The team, therefore, decided to make this initial investment over a period of time to make the system affordable and use its expertise to maintain Parishinfo as the leading Church Management System. We continue this mission since 2006!

Our Mission: To provide an affordable and integrated church management software and mobile app for the church to establish and retain connectivity with all its members so that it can continue to maintain its leadership in community management and development. Communication is the key and the social revolution is developing around what is being pushed through the connected devices. Church needs to establish its presence where today's generation stay connected always! A ready to use communication platform with its phenomenal reach and speed, act as an effective via media at critical times.

The Technology: We have the wherewithal to adapt to the dynamic communication systems and make it secure to connect and communicate any time, from anywhere. With technology changing every day, we constantly train and certify ourselves on the expanding service and technology issues facing us today. Our mission has always been to develop and maintain close, honourable and professional relationships by creating the maximum level of value through our products and service.