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Testimony with 30 years of experience

Parishinfo is a truly advanced Church Management Software suitable to all Catholic Denominations. I find it well researched, affordably priced and usable by those with very basic computer knowledge. It is future oriented and integrates every aspects of Church Management.

Since 1982 I was actively associated with the Syro Malabar Catholic Church of Chicago and now I am back in India. During my 30 years of association with the activities of the Parish and Diocese in Chicago, I witnessed the social evolution that ruined the catholic community life and was part of the many efforts and initiatives that helped its revival.

The US community was moving in all directions at a shocking pace. It took a while for the Catholic Church to realize its impact and by that time, much damage was already done. However, a number of initiatives by the Church, priests and volunteers, improved the participation of the parish community greatly.

One of the many initiatives that helped the revival was to use technology to reach out and engage members on the same platform that had already become their life style. Technology facilitated the Church to deliver communication and information and the people to access them at a time and place convenient to them. It became effective as communication became more personalized and targeted.

Today, I see a similar challenge building up in the Catholic community in this part of the world. The new generation is increasingly searching for solutions to resolve their daily problems, reduce stress and improve quality of life. Often these searches lead our children to anti-social elements. There is a need to be proactive and adapt modern technology to remain actively engaged with them.

Parishinfo is designed to improve Parish Ministry, automate Parish management and update with the Diocese, automatically. I am glad it is affordable and user-friendly designed keeping in mind parishes and members even in remote locations. I hope it helps the Catholic Church to effectively impart its values and principles to the new generation using modern communication technology.

I would like to recommend Parishinfo to all parishes here in India and abroad. My best wishes for implementation and success of Parishinfo !!

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