Parish Software Features

Parish Management software to automate parish ministry and communicate online with parishioners

Family & Member Record - The most detailed member profile. Well researched and result of intense research and consultation involving over 100 priests from different catholic denominations across 5 countries. Record Family and Members with personal information, sacramental dates, qualifications, occupation, gender, status, family units, wards, areas, relation and category. Wherever internet access is available, parish can implement member registration online

Family and member registration - Every family can register their information initially. Thereafter update only address and contact information when required. Also register through forms, manually at parish or register through unit representatives. Thee options allow quick member registration and maintain member database up-to-date

Family Units, Wards/Area, Parish Substations, Small Christian Communities - Parish can create its own units under these and members would be grouped automatically under these. Families and members are automatically grouped under these. Parish can click open any of these group to send a communication.

Catechism - Add students to each class. Promote or retain them at the end of the year. The records are maintained class wise. There are three certificates - Transfer certificates, Class-10 certificate and Class-12 certificate, pre-loaded and ready to print

Remembrances - Monthly list of members displaying Birthdays, Marriage Anniversaries and Death Anniversaries.

Family History - Parish can scan and upload existing family history record and attach to each family for reference and recall.

Digital Archive - Scan and archive sacramental registers as well as other records in digital format. It has a simple search tool to retrieve member records. The records remain with all information entered in the registers including signatures for verification.

Transfer families and print transfer letters - When a family is transferred, their record moves to transferred families. The transfer letter is preloaded with family and member information with sacramental dates recorded in the parish for onward submission to the new parish.

Non Member records - Record sacraments conducted for non-members and issue certificates and maintain their records

Deceased member records (RIP) - Move a family member to deceased records and print death certificate from there. The application maintains every record of deceased members with details of data, tomb, death reasons and other information related to the deceased member

Volunteer Groups and Event Invitations - Create Private and Public groups and assign members to conduct various activities under the parish. While members of private group are assigned by the parish priest (Parish Committee), any member can volunteer to join a public group (volunteers for feast day celebrations) and parish priest can select and assign them. Add an event group like Tour and members can join those groups to let know parish priest how many would join the tour

Pious Groups and Committees - Add members to pious organizations and committees and collaborate over E-mail or SMS

Certificates printing, Forms and Letters - Centralized certificate printing. Search the member and click the certificate and print it. The certificate is fully loaded and ready to print without having to enter any data manually. Option to customize data fields and contents at the time of initial implementation

Forms and Letters - A set of pre-loaded forms required for pre-marriage course, transfers, marriage announcement, dispensation etc. Parish can update necessary information and print all of these from a single page

Statistics & Analytics - Access parish level statistics on a single page. It includes information on families & members; last 10 years data on birth, baptism, communion, confirmation, engagement, marriage, death; combined information on catechism students, statistics on occupation, language preference, status, gender, qualification, age group with male/female ratio.

Email and SMS - Parish can send SMS and Email to members as well as groups. Email and SMS options are available under all group listings. There is also a single click option to send Email and SMS to all Families, All Members and All catechism Students

Holy Mass requests - A family can request holy mass online and pay for it as well. Priest will receive an instant alert and schedule it. Parish can also register mass locally n the system

Public Calendar - A parish events calendar that will display daily, weekly and special events for members to view in their panel

Parish Calendar - This is the internal calendar for the Parish for the Parish priest to record parish schedules

Pastoral Calendar - This is the pastoral planner released by Diocese for priests of the diocese

Liturgical - Liturgy calendar published by the Diocese to follow yearly liturgical programs

Submit monthly income expense statement to Diocese - An Income and Expense template for parishes to submit monthly income and expenses in a simple concise format

Online Funds and Contribution - Parish can add a fund or contribution or regular offerings. These get displayed in the Family panel as Unpaid Contributions. A family can pay it online and submit transaction details to parish. When parish confirms payment, the family panel change the status to Paid. Each fund will have separate statements with list of payees. Parish can close a fund which will get removed from family panels. Parish can also print statements and delete a fund which will completely remove the fund details from the application. Parish can also accept payments to the fund at parish and issue receipt through the system. Parish can send reminders via email or SMS

Parish accounts - An easy to use accounting system to record Income and Expense of the parish. Cash Book, Bank Book, Online Payment Accounts, Income and Expense Books and voucher entries

Financial Reporting - An online form to submit monthly Income and Expense details of parish to the diocese.

Assets and inventory - An asset and inventory page to record detailed information about assets, its value, warranty status, purchase details and other information

Other features - Sponsorship banners. A common Email-Signature with photo of the parish priest that will be appended to all outgoing mails. Restricted Family alerts to receive communications from family. Email archive that will forward a copy of all outgoing mails to a Diocese designated email ID.

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