Family Login Features

Parish membership management and registration software. Register families and members online.

Family Login - Every family gets a login ID and password. They can login and add members and modify it for 10 days (this can be customized) from the date of registration. On the 10th day, the system locks important dates and data fields automatically. Thereafter, member can alert Parish Priest for any changes.

Family Panel - Upload photos, view your information recorded in the parish. Alert parish to rectify incorrect information if any. Update contact information online to receive parish communications. Change member status as and when required to help parish maintain records up to date

Control - The Family panel is controlled by Parish priest. Parish can Disable or Enable member login as and when required.

Up-to-date Records - Allowing members to maintain their data, help to complete the initial registration quickly as well as maintain contact and other personal information accurately and up-to-date.

Groups - Through this panel, a family can volunteer to various volunteer groups formed by Parish as well as Diocese. Parish can also request members to join event and programme groups to know in advance attendance to make arrangements

Online parish fund and contribution Payment - Receive alerts regarding pending fund payment. Pay online and submit payment details to parish for verification and approval. When approved, family panel change status to Paid. The system also provides unpaid fund alerts.

Online Holy Mass request - A member can make an online request for a Holy Mass and pay for it as well. Priest can schedule it and member know its schedule online

Events Calendar - Through the events calendar members get know various programmes and their schedule

Email and SMS - Members receive communications via Email and SMS. A family can provide same email ID and mobile number to get parish communications meant for other members or maintain it separately, s decided by the Family Head

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