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New standalone version released for individual parishes!! Check the standalone version Pricing for independent implementation of the software by any parish. While implementing, all such parishes shall be grouped under their Diocese so that as and when their Diocese plans to integrate, data migration will be automatic and instant

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The software is fully developed with over 3500 features split into 109 modules

Wide consultations involving members, priests and curia were undertaken by Dioceses

Everyone's concerns were considered during the development

The software is fully customizable and labelled under each diocese name and website 

Diocese can begin with modules of its choice and migrate to other modules later

Software is centrally installed, managed, supported and controlled by each Diocese

Training is provided to each Coordinator to manage, administer and control the software

+ Introduction

Parishinfo is an advanced Diocese-Parish automation and Church Management Software. A diocese can customise and implement it under their name, label and domain, phase by phase. It enables seamless integration of Diocese, Parishes, Foranes/Deanaries, Priests, Families, Members, Congregations, Institutions, Religious, Seminarians, Staff and Volunteers. Centrally implemented, controlled and managed at the Diocese, it eliminates separate installation, maintenance, backup and support at each parish. The program is designed to implement uniform parameters across the diocese, minimises paper work, quicker communication and automatic data processing. It provides greater flexibility, mobility and freedom to work and stay connected from anywhere. Click below links and read more

+ Built with wide Consultations

Parishinfo is developed with wide consultations and active participation of the three major denominations of Catholic Church, Bishops, Curia Administrators, Priests, Parishioners, religious Priests and Sisters, Family Unit and Zonal heads, Volunteers & Pious Group coordinators, Animators and Diocese & Parish level program coordinators and functionaries to ensure the software addresses everyone’s concerns and needs as well as benefits everyone in the diocese.

+ Benefits everyone in the Diocese

Parishinfo provides a lot more benefits than automation, data processing and simplifying day to day tasks. Internet access is increasing at a rapid pace and expect to reach everyone in the next three years when most services would be devliered online. The system is designed to benefit everyone in the Diocese. The platform becomes a powerful communication via-media to reach out in real time. Communication is well received when it is targeted and delivered to devices that travel with people. With a wider platform available to reach out and share information, the Community becomes more diocese centric and assist priests in better mobilization of resources, help and assistance

+ Implementation Roadmap

Call for a demonstration of the software at your location. If you like it, designate a programme coordinator with basic computer knowledge. We provide two weeks training on the software and server administration to all Coordinators, at our New Delhi facility with free boarding and lodging. After the training, the coordinator presents his report to diocese. If accepted, Service Agreement is signed-up and the process of customization starts. Customization takes around 2 weeks and when completed, we depute a person at your location to assist you with implementation. This is a successful model adopted by other dioceses

+ Lowest Pricing Guaranteed

We guarantee transparent and lowest pricing in this category. Parishinfo has a dynamic pricing based on the number of parishes a diocese have. For 100 parishes Rs.170 each per month, for 200 parishes Rs.98/- and for 300 parishes Rs.65/-. All other modules come free with parish subscription. Dioceses having 150 parishes or more, shall not pay more than Rs.18,500/- per month. There are no other fees or charges. Setup, training, installation, maintenance and support are all included in this price. From 2nd year onwards 5% will be increased over the previous year’s subscription to cover cost escalations. Subscription is payable quarterly, half yearly or yearly in advance.

+ Member Registration & Data Migration

Data Migration from existing application to Parishinfo is possible subject to dependencies. Member Registration which considered a difficult task is simplified in Parishinfo with multiple registration options. A parish can send online registration request to members with Email Ids. For others, parish can assign Unit/Ward heads and Volunteers who can enter data simultaneously from their location or at a centralised location, together. Once the initial registration is over, parish can lock all sacramental data; leaving member contacts and profiles open for regular updating through Family Login. The application requires single point data entry and the same is populated on other templates and directories automatically

+ Server, Software & Data Ownership

The only fool proof way to control ownership of IT assets, is to build this skill and capability within the Diocese. During the in-house training, we prioritise on ownership management of Diocesan IT assets covering software, database, domains and server control. The diocesan coordinator with average computer skill can attain this skill during the training. Parishinfo share source code with diocese under a non-disclosure agreement to eliminate any concern about service discontinuity. Diocese shall provide, own and control the server which can be either outsourced from any IDC or locate within the Curia over a static IP. If required, Parishinfo will assist you with choosing appropriate server and train administrator

+ Data Security Concerns

There are many unfounded concerns about storing data online but technology is designed to negotiate these. Like everything in life, it will also be never 100%. Despite these concerns, whether to be online is no more an option. It's a question of either now or when! The intrusion attempts we often hear, target credit card and Net-banking data with a success rate of less than 1%. In any case, the same personal data is provided and stored online while applying for credit card, bank accounts, job portals, matrimonial sites, social media, admissions, passport, PAN, Aadhar etc. Having said that, it is important to adhere to security strictures and Parishinfo follow these as a standard operating procedure. A closer look will reveal its many built-in security features.

+ New Generation Communication Tools

Digital technology has changed the way we live and communicate. It is no more confined to a generation, region or demography. Redefining communication was the focus point of all the priests participated in the design of Parishinfo. Communication becomes effective and well received when it is specific, targeted and delivered to devices that people carry and access at their convenience. This is how social media and online communication caught the imagination of millions. Parishinfo has built-in communication systems to pick and send specific communications to several small and large groups as well as everyone in the parish or diocese. Delivering communications through platforms accessible at people’s convenience is the order of the day forcing organizations and governments to go online. Reaching out and engaging the new generation is a challenge and we hope this software becomes an effective tool to achieve it.

+ New Opportunities in Ministry

Parishinfo widen many areas of social activities from the limits of a parish into the entire diocese facilitating more participation. Help Forum is designed to bring together willing professions and experts from various fields to provide correct information and guidance to members when they face with unexpected situations and don’t know where to go or what to do next. The Conflict forum compiles various types of disputes and allows volunteers with expertise attempting to resolve them from outside the limits of a parish to make it look more impartial. Social Welfare forum compiles social work related projects and presented to everyone in the diocese. The forum connect large number of needy from a poor parish with large number of willing givers in a rich parish allowing the donor to be part of a project they like to support.

+ Outsourcing vs. Developing In-House

It takes 3-4 years full time work of at least 4 personnel to develop an application of this size and it costs a lot. Software is never a one off development. It is a continuous process to keep pace with technical challenges and match-up with new technologies on a regular basis. Outsourcing requires very low investment, ensures efficient service, regular updates and support as otherwise, the clients may walk away. World over, software (including the next generation of MS Office) are moving to online subscription also known as SaaS (Software as a Service)

+ The team behind Parishinfo

Parishinfo is developed by Theosys. Theosys began its operations in 1999 and provide enterprise class email systems, sever co-locations, cloud computing, consultancy and software development with in-house technical expertise in all these areas. It took us 4 years of research and coding to bring up the cloud edition of Parishinfo. We would like to put on record our immense gratitude to the all the Priests and Functionaries of various Catholic Dioceses across India for their inputs and sincere support that made this product a success story.

Contact us: Please write to us for demo or more details at Email or contact 9811471117

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