Diocese Software Features

Catholic Diocese software to automate diocese administration and communicate online with members

Unified Parish Management - This software helps diocese to implement and manage unified parish management and reporting systems as well as generate reports and statistics based on common parameters.

Automatic Parish data integration with Diocese - The application is carefully built in such a way that it will integrate all parish data with the Diocese automatically. This is a unique feature available only with Parishinfo

Diocese Groups & Volunteer Groups - Create internal groups, commissions, councils and committees. Easily assign priests to each group and send Email and SMS conveniently. Add volunteer groups and parishioners can volunteer to these groups for mass based programs and Diocese level activities. Eg. Create a Group Vocation Aspirants (Boys). This group will show up in the family panel and a member can join the group. The Vocation Director knows precisely details of aspirants from each parish to establish contact and conduct vocation programmes.

E-mail and SMS - Diocese can send SMS and E-mail to Parishes, Priests, Commissions, Institutions and Council members. Email and SMS facility is accessible from virtually every where so just pick the group you want to communicate, compose and Send mail or SMS. You don't need to pick members manually. There is also an option to send SMS and Email to All Priests, All Parishes and All Institutions

Statistics & Analytics - Access over twenty levels of consolidated data across the diocese on a single page. It includes Parish, Forane/Deanery level statistics on families & members; last 10 years data on birth, baptism, communion, confirmation, engagement, marriage, death; combined information on catechism students, combined statistics on occupation, language preference, status, gender, qualification, age group etc. with male/female ratio.

Digital Record Archive - Scan and preserve age old records safely and access them using the search and find tool. While each parish manages its own records. While Diocese can view every records, there is an option to block view of certain records by co-parishes. It has an intelligent search tool to locate member records quickly.

Priest Records - Manage priests and deceased priests record in digital format with personal records, dates, qualifications, knowledge repository, institutions & parishes worked, designations held and period of each assignment. Communicate via E-mail and SMS, handle postings and transfers and update priest record automatically. When transfers are initiated, diocese priest records, priest's own record get updated automatically. The system also update records of present and former priest worked in each parish in the parish panel. In a single click, you get know the parishes and institutions a priest has worked with designations held and period of assignment.

Financial Reporting - A uniform and centralized parish income and expense reporting system. Each parish can submit their income and expense statements periodically in a common format implemented by the diocese. This information can be further integrated with the financial accounting systems of the diocese.

Diocese Calendar - The diocese has an internal calendar to record and manage its daily routines

Diocese Pastoral Calendar - The diocese can release annual pastoral planner through this

Liturgical Calendar - Add liturgical calendar that will be displayed to all parishes

Export database - With an additional layer of security, Diocese can export and store database on its local system. This facility is strictly available to super admin

Remembrances - The system automatically creates a remembrance list of Birthdays, Feast Days and Death anniversaries of priest in the diocese and list them month wise, automatically

Other features - Sponsorship banners if anyone like to sponsor this application for the Diocese. A common Email-Signature with photo that will be appended to all outgoing mails. Parish alerts to receive communications from each parish. Email archive that will forward a copy of all outgoing mails to a Diocese designated email ID.

Rs.100/- per month

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