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Web based church management software. Simplify diocese and parish management

Technology is here to stay and the new generation can't live without it. It has changed the way we communicate and live. The advantages and conveniences of online services are so much that every applications and services are migrating to online platform. It is a matter of time we all will operate and communicate in virtual world. Technology has become an integral part of life for many and others catching up fast. Conventional communication methods have become redundant and ignored.

The ability to access the church database from anywhere at any time is a very popular feature, and it is a large reason for the growing popularity of Web-based systems. Another advantage to Web-based systems is that they can be used at any computer with an Internet connection and a browser regardless of operating system. Web-based church software can accommodate any hardware operating system combination thereby ensuring service continuity.

Parishinfo Diocese software provides seamless integration of all parishes with the diocese. Diocese can communicate with parishes and institutions effortlessly through email and SMS. The parish software integrates all the functions of parishes particularly designed for Syro Malabar, Latin, Malankara rites. It can also be easily adapted for any Catholic Church management

Taking away the responsibility of data storage and backup is another feature that makes Web-based systems attractive. It is practically impossible and uneconomical to implement and maintain advanced data management and security for individual systems. This coupled with discontinuity of technical manpower is a major reason for most offline systems fail.

Welcome to the new online version of Parishinfo. Parishinfo has been in service for some years with off-line software running from desktops. Over a period of time we realized, the offline software takes several months to complete member registration and by them time the first circle is complete, most of the information provided therein becomes outdated. It became a vicious circle of never having accurate data at any given point in time. With Parishinfo online version, member record management is instant and constantly updated by members themselves from the comfort of their homes or work place or through their family members from else where. Thus the data becomes up-to-date and accurate, always

Parishinfo is ISO certified and follow industry best data hosting practices. It has also tied up with Niscort to host the application and database if a parish decides so. Niscort is an organization under the Catholic Bishop's Conference of India (CBCI) and a parish can directly signup contract with Niscort to implement Parishinfo through Niscort

With the number of priests coming down over the years, there is an increasing demand for parish administration to be entrusted to parishioners and many parishes under the charge of a single priest or even a Diocese control a parish directly. Parishinfo is designed to do this task by evaluating, communicating and managing a parish administration from diocese directly or by another parish

Communication becomes effective when they are personalised. Parishinfo automatically sort members based on their age, profession, qualification, income status, marital status, family units, wards stations and SSCs. Pick up any group instantly and deliver personalized communications right into their hands which is instantly received.

Low bandwidth operation - The application is designed to operate with 256 Kbps (Lowest) internet speed as well as 2G mobile data card wherever mobile connectivity is available

Anywhere access - Stay in touch with your people and work from anywhere. Access from Desktops, Laptops, Tablets and Mobile Devices. Use any computer, any operating system, any Browser

Security - High level of physical as well as access security equalling to online banking systems. There are several security systems built into the system to make it safe and secure for online operations.

Remote Server -All remote hosting services are hosted with NTT/Verio. Verio provides World's top Data Center services, owned and operated by them. They provide Managed Services with a 2-tier support system. Tier-1 provides end users support while Tier-2 handles server management, regular data backup and regular updates. These are 24x7 operations manned by human beings

Server Control - Each Diocese will be hosted on a separate, independent server with dedicated server controls. The server would be entirely controlled by the Diocese and the Diocese can designate one or more personnel to control it. It also has a feature to reset the server control and sent it to the Bishop

Local Server - Parishinfo can also be implemented on local server located within the premise of the Diocese. However, this would require a feasibility study in terms of availability of bandwidth, static IP etc., before it can be implemented

Hardware, Software Compatibility - Online applications are hosted on Cloud platform to ensure hardware, software and device compatibility forever. Your application keeps running without affecting the numerous changes happening to the technology

Disaster Protection, Backup and recovery - Automatic data backup is built in. This gives protection from Fire, theft, natural disasters, war and bombing. The system provides power backup and disaster recovery tools and expert level system management without your intervention to keep pace with the technological changes from time to time

Assisted Migration and data entry - If you already have a similar system and would like to migrate to Parishinfo, our experts will handle the migration for you. The team would supervise implementation across the Diocese, including document archival.

Sponsor Banner - The login page has can add a banner displaying information of the sponsor willing to fund this software for the Diocese.

Server Access information - Diocese and Parishes can access log information on who is accessing the server with details of user's IP, location, date and time of access

Rs.100/- per month

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