Institution module features Features

Access diocese communications. Submit income expense reports and communicate with co-priests

Institution login - Every institution will have a login panel to receive communications from Diocese and submit monthly income and expense statement to Diocese.

Financial reporting - Institutions can now submit monthly income and expense report to diocese online

Priest Record - The panel automatically record present and former priests associated with each institution. The details include period of assignment and designations held.

Email and SMS - Receive regular Email and SMS communication from Diocese

Remembrances - View Feast and Birthdays and anniversaries of co-priests in the diocese. Send SMS and Email greetings from the same page

Calendars - View Liturgical calendar and pastoral calendar released by diocese

Communicate - Communicate with co-priests via Email and SMS

Others - We have a variety of custom software that include accounting software, school management system, online admission system, library software etc. Please contact us for your specific requirements

Rs.100/- per month

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